Pen Descriptions

Always doing what you enjoy makes designing pens and other craft items a special “PaPa” type business. Each item is handmade and no machine duplication is ever used. Taking a moment to describe the types of items available.

BALLPOINTS are provided in both “twist” and “click” operation. There are several design styles and hardware combinations available for your selection.  Each pen provided have easily replaceable refills using either Cross, Parker, or gel type refills. Refills are available upon request but are also available at most office supply stores. 

TWIST operation indicates that the pen tip is extended or retracted by a twisting the top barrel (body) of the pen. 

CLICK operation indicates that the pen tip is extended by pushing the click mechanism at the top of the pen.

BOLT operation (left or right) is by moving the extended arm at the top of the pen to the locked or unlocked position.

PEN MATERIALS – our pens are available in almost any species of wood and many different acrylic colors.


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