Welcome to “PaPa’s Projects” a home business of items made with love. Papa is a USN Retiree, A teacher Retiree and one who just cannot sit still. Our small business started as a hobby providing special handmade pen, pencils and other wood crafts for friends and family that wanted something special as a gift. I have always been a woodworker and skilled in special remodeling projects. I was introduced to the wood lathe and pen making just a few years ago as a way to just relax in my shop and the creative urge began to grow. As the projects grew those in our area kept asking for items as gifts. Soon those first few pens quickly grew into a variety of handcrafted writing instruments and other craft items.

All of the writing instruments and other craft items are created in my small home shop.  I have to admit that this has become a family business with everyone helping to make it the best we can. I hope you enjoy the visit to our site and find that special item you are looking for.

Please look around.  If you see a pen you like but it has sold or there is a need for additional items please contact me via email and I will respond to let you know if I can meet your needs. We are a small home business and hope to treat our customers like family.

PaPa's Story